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Struggling with time-management? Tired of editing every single uum, aah, and you know? Well, we’re not! As experienced podcast producers, AudioTech team will take your raw recording; polish it, write show notes, create audiogram, upload and schedule the show. Gain more listeners and try out the Podcast Production Service we offer.

Naturally, if you don’t need the whole Podcast Production Service, choose the service you need. However, you will benefit from using the complete service by obtaining a considerable discount.

Also, if you’re purchasing new audio equipment, read our blog on Podcast Recording Tips.

We Firmly Believe Podcasts Should Be “Uuum” Free

Our small Conferences for Women team is great at identifying extraordinary speakers and producing big live events for professional women… but it turns out we are not so good at audio editing. Our podcast, Women Amplified, featured the same great speakers as our in-person events, but with poor audio quality it just wasn’t having the same impact.
AudioTech upped our audio game from the very first episode they worked on. Julian is very good at communicating with clients, proactive in offering suggestions, and always delivers a great episode on time—or even early. He’s been a pleasure to work with, does consistently good work, and I would absolutely recommend him/ AudioTech to fellow podcasters.
Lindsay Reinhardt

Producer, Women Amplified podcast, Conferences for Women


How can you be sure we provide awesome service?

Well, we have years and years of experience, awesome equipment and education, and most importantly, we can show you the proof.

Therefore, please see our examples in the portfolio.

Julian/AudioTech has been an important part of The Ask Women Podcast team since June 2017.  He literally saved us when we were having crazy audio and technical issues after moving to record our show from a studio to a home base. 

We would get complaints from listeners and unsubscribes which was horrible. 

Once Julian came on board we stopped getting complaints on our sound which was a miracle. 

So glad to have him on our team!

Marni Kinrys

Ask Women Podcast , Wing Girl Method®


Now, when we’ve shown you what we’re capable of, it’s time to talk about the costs.

By using AudioTech’s Podcast Production Service, you’re going to get a top-notch service for only $200 per episode up to 30 minutes in raw audio. After 30 min mark, $3 per minute fee applies. Also, in case you’re one of those podcasters who publish weekly, you would obtain additional discount. In this case, a fee would be only $700 per month.

On the other hand, If you would like to choose between the services we offer, pricing is as it follows:




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