Sound Design and Foley

Foley is a technique mostly used in the film industry and unlike sound design, it’s based on sounds familiar to us. They are often recorded in post-production so the viewer thinks the sounds are coming from the scene in order to get a great viewer experience. For example, foley is nylon bag rustle filtered and processed to sound as it is raining on the scene.

Sound design and sound effects (SFX) are mostly based on unfamiliar sounds – for instance laser sound of a space ship. That sound is created in specialized software and it is a very creative and delicate work.

Sound design and Foley services are some of the most creative parts of audio engineering and we assure our customers, unique sounds will be created and delivered for your needs. So, if you need such services for explainer video, game, movie, or animation, Audiotech is the right choice for you. To clarify, we do not use existing soundbanks, but record and create each sound for the specific scene/action.

In conclusion, we will create any sound for your needs. Please check our previous projects in the videos below.

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Audio Editing, Foley and Sound Mixing for a short festival winning movie “At the Border”

Sound design, music scoring, foley recording and sound mixing on short horror/comedy movie

Sound Design/Logo Gimmick

Audio mixing and design on explainer video

Sound design, music scoring, audio mixing on explainer video.

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