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About Us

Who Are We?

AudioTech is an audio engineering company based in Opatija, Croatia (EU). We offer a variety of audio engineering services, and we deliver high-quality work in a quick turnaround.

Why Choose Us?

You can trust us to deliver professionally edited, created, produced, mixed and mastered audio for your needs.
For our weekly podcasters, we offer a special customer care program. You will benefit from it and attain considerable discounts/customized prices. Podcasters hosting with Blubrry obtain 20% discount on our podcast editing services.

What Do We Do?

Our services are based on podcast and audiobooks editing, and production, sound design and foley creation, film score and music production, mixing and mastering,  audio repair, and live sound engineering. Also, we will provide audio engineering tips in our blog posts.

AudioTech Owner

AudioTech is founded and owned by BSc (econ.), and SAE Institute graduate in audio engineering, Julian Virag.
When Julian was 11 years old, unlike his peers dreaming about becoming an astronaut or similar careers, all he wanted to have was his own studio so he could produce music professionally and work in the audio industry. That dream somehow faded away over the time forced by different choices and life circumstances. Therefore, he obtained a degree in economics. 16 years later, he made drastic life choices and changes. He got himself an education that would help him to achieve the dream. Today, Julian is a proud SAE Institute graduate, audio engineer, and a small business owner.

Our Studio

In our arsenal, you will find industry-standard plugins, software, and equipment used in some of the best audio engineering studios worldwide. Our professional desk and acoustically treated control room impacts the final audio quality. Julian is proficient on multiple mixing consoles and has mastered several different DAW (Digital Audio Workstations). We own 2 different types of studio monitors to ensure smooth audio mastering process (KRK Rokit G3 – 8″, and Fostex 3″). Powerful Macbook Pro (2018) ensures smooth and fast audio processing.
Plugins and software purchased and used with expertise:
Post Production Suite 5 (RX8 Advanced, Nectar 3 Plus, Dialogue Match, Tonal Balance Control 2, Visual Mixer), RX7 (Advanced and Elements) | RX Loudness Control | Neutron (Elements) | Neutron 2 (Advanced) | Neutron 3 (Advanced) | Ozone 8 (Standard and Elements) | Insight 2 | Nectar 3 (Elements) | Relay | Doubler | Neutrino | Vinyl | Iris 2
Gold Bundle (includes over 40 industry-standard plugins, eg. EQ, compression, reverb, delay, etc.) | Abbey Road Plates reverb | Vocal Rider | SSL G Channel Strip
Melodyne 5 Essencial
Z3ta | CA-2A compressor
Hybrid3 | Xpand2 | Boom
Krotos Simple Monsters | ProximityEQ | Voltage Modular Nucleus 2 | Union
AudioTech Owner

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