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Audio engineering as a term may not sound so clear to some people, but the main goal of audio engineering is precisely that – clear sound. Therefore, here’s the simple definition for some of you who weren’t sure. Recording, post-production, mixing and mastering are some of the sub-categories of audio engineering. Thus audio engineer roles can be different. However, for all of it to work, passion towards music and sound is a must!

That is precisely the reason why we founded AudioTech. AudioTech is an audio engineering company based in Opatija, Croatia, EU. What we proudly emphasize is that we approach each project as it was one of our own. Whether it is acoustics, signal processing, recording, mixing, mastering, live sound, sound design, audio repair or music production, we guarantee a professional approach.

What do you get if you choose AudioTech?

Creativity and art should be your only concern. That being said, it’s up to us to make it sound according to the industry-standards. 

Therefore, hiring an educated and experienced audio engineer can mean a huge difference in the quality of the sound. Accordingly, we will provide you with the audio engineering service meeting worldwide audio industry standards. As a result, you will get a high-quality product in a quick turnaround.

To summarize, our services are based on podcast editing, audiobooks editing and production. Furthermore, audio editing for motion picture, sound design, foley, film score, mixing and mastering, live sound engineering, and audio repair. So, you definitely can trust us to deliver professionally edited, created, produced, mixed and mastered audio for your needs.

Our Services:

Podcast Production | All-in-one Podcasting Solution

AudioTech team will take your raw recording, polish it, write show notes, create audiogram, upload and schedule the show.

All of it is a part of the complete Podcast Production service we offer.

Podcast and Audiobooks

As mentioned in the introduction, we will edit your podcast and audiobooks. Also, the sound will be mastered according to the industry standards, and audiobooks will be delivered to match ACX standards.

Mixing and Mastering

We will professionally mix and master your music, movies, explainer videos, etc.

Sound Design and Foley

Unique sounds will be created and we will record foley for your game, movie, videos, etc.

Soundtracks creation

We will compose scores for your film and create/produce music for your needs.

Audio Repair

Your audio will be repaired and we will make it sound more professional.

Benefit from our special offer! We are here for your questions.

Check this out! For our weekly podcasters, we offer a special customer care program from which you’ll benefit and attain considerable discounts/customized prices.

Firstly, take a look at our services and contact us with your inquiries at the bottom of the page. Finally, find out why we are the proper audio engineering company for your needs.

Something from us:

Audio Editing, Foley and Sound Mixing for a short festival winning movie “At the Border”

Upwork Reviews

A Magical Ending

Mixing and mastering project on orchestral composition.

Audio Repair

Isolating dialogue in a crouded cafe. 

Audio Mix Project

Dj Electronic music set in duration of 1 hour.

Audio Enhancement

Dialogue enhancement in a poor video recording.

Podcast Editing

Podcast editing and audio mastering.

Audio Mixing

Audio mixing for animated show.

Game Sound Design

Sound Design and background music for a platform game

Podcast editing

Podcast Editing for our long term client.

Sound Design

Sound design for an explainer video

Audio Mastering

Audio mastering for animated shows Pencilmation

Audio Enhancement

Audio enhancement project for video recording.

Sound Design for an App

Sound design and voiceover for short videos used in an application.

Sound Design and Sountrack

Sound design, filmscore creation and audio mixing on a short horror film

Audio Enhancement for an Animated Show

Audio Enhancement, audio editing, and sound mastering for an animated show.

Podcast Audio Editing

Audio Enhancement, podcast editing, equipment recommendation.

Interview Audio Repair

Enhancement and Audio Repair on an interview for a documentary film.

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