Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering is a standard service in the audio industry.

Firstly, sound mixing is a clinical and creative process. So, each track in a song, movie, or podcast is separately processed. As well, their frequencies have been treated and tracks mixed together to blend in.

On the other hand, sound Mastering is a more demanding process. Consequently, it requires better and more professional equipment, knowledge and more experience. In this part of the process frequencies, dynamics and levels are treated further and tested on multiple sound systems for quality insurance. Mastering a track requires a decent mix. Therefore, we recommend that we provide the whole service in order to ensure the best quality possible.

Otherwise, we offer this service as a whole or separately. You can use this service for music, sound mixing for movies, explainer videos, talk shows, or any other need you have. Also, please note we offer sound design and foley services.

After all, to see some of our previous projects, please watch the videos below and contact us with your inquiry so we could discuss the project details: 


Digital Mastering Service
Digital Mastering Service

Professional editing, mixing and mastering of live recorded orchestra for Abdulrahman Fouad.

Mixing, mastering, production and arrangement for this electronic music track.

Mixing and mastering of separate stems.


Voiceover recording, editing and sound mixing for this brand ad.


Audio Editing, Foley and Sound Mixing for a short festival winning movie “At the Border”.

Sound design, music scoring, foley recording and sound mixing on short horror/comedy movie.


Sound mixing for a short animated (cartoon) movie.

Explainer videos:

Sound design and audio mixing on explainer video.

Sound design, music scoring, audio mixing on explainer video.

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