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Podcast Editing and Audio Enhancement Service for Blubrry Clients

Why AudioTech?

Dear Blubrry client. Thank you for visiting the link Blubrry provided you with. Since Blubrry and AudioTech are strategic partners, by being their client, you automatically obtain 20% discount on podcast editing services provided by us. For small fee, you will get industry-standard audio quality and your podcast will be edited by professional audio engineers.

Please make sure to contact us over this page with links to the files and we will apply the discount.

Podcast Editing Service that will make you sound like BBC Radio

Do you have a great idea for a podcast? You’re recording in a home studio and can’t wait to post it online, but it doesn’t sound like you’ve imagined it? Don’t lose hope. You don’t need expensive equipment, nor audio engineering skills. All you need is to contact us – podcast editing professionals, and your problem is solved!

Podcast edited by professionals is a must for all of you who want their podcast to sound serious. And who doesn’t want that? It is particularly important because podcasts are not just a trend, it’s a part of most people’s lives today. Therefore, it’s an exponential market for both – the podcasters and sound editors.

Obtain new collaborators, expand your viewpoint and become a professional

To stand out from other podcasters, besides the content of your episodes, you must have a professional sound. This is the point where we take control because we offer podcast editing services on the highest standards. Also, we can help you with setting up your recording equipment and afterward master your audio recordings up to the industry standard. We use a large number of high-end plugins required for this task.

In the videos below you can hear the difference between the raw and processed audio.

What do we do exactly and what do you get?

We will filter out the filler words (uums, aahs, you knows, etc.). Long and awkward breaks will be fixed, intro/outro music and ads will be “baked in” and the levels will be normalized. Afterward, we’ll send you the audio file meeting industry standards. The edits we make will be seamlessly cut and you won’t notice any transition.

Also, we will provide tips on how to set up your recording equipment in our blog post.

Benefit from our special deal!

As a part of promotional pricing, podcast editing service for Blubrry clients is $40. For episodes up to 20 minutes, a fee of $30 applies.

AudioTech is the right choice for you if you want to improve the quality of your podcast and reach more listeners.

Please contact us on the link at the bottom of the screen and check our videos out!

Demo Videos and Sample Episodes

Podcast audio repair and sound mastering

Audio editing, audio enhancement and mastering for a podcast.

Audio Repair – clicks and clip. Enhancement of the audio and mastering for a podcast episode

Repairing reverb/echo in a podcast recording

Women Amplified Podcast. A podcast from USA's largest network of conferences for women in the workplace. Topics covered in this podcast are leadership, career advancement, self-care, transitions and other relevant issues that women face.

Breaking green Ceilings Podcast. A podcast amplifying the voices of environmentalists from historically underrepresented communities including black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) and their accomplices.

Ask Women Podcast. We’ve been editing their podcast since 2017.

Giants & Crowns Podcast – we’ve edited over 30 episodes

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